Hey there, I'm Frui. This blog is mostly dedicated to the wonderful M. Shadows and to the best band ever - Avenged Sevenfold. At times I may annoy you with personal stuff. Be prepared to sarcasm and some funny shit. Feel free to ask, I don't bite.

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9 Favorite Pictures Zacky Vengeance

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MY BBY    


03.19.2014 - Curitiba, Brazil.

03.19.2014 - Curitiba, Brazil.

MY BBY    

MY BBY    

MY BBY    



 first of all I FUCKING MISS YOU. and I’m sorry we haven’t talked for a good month now, I’m busy with work and I’m always tired. but I’m not forgetting you just so you know. I still love you. and you are a sweetheart. “you are perfect in every way, even if you don’t think so.” you said that about me once, now I’m saying it back to you. YOU ARE PERFECT, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. you are a precious girl with a huge heart and I’m glad I had the chance to know you. I love you Ash.

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Villainousways ^^

you are awesome! I love your blog, and that you’re always askin me and sending me these kind of stuffs. I think we should be friends hahaha <3 you are cool, that’s it!

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who’s this? hahaha 

how should I start? my best friend no matter what. you are an amazing girl. we randomly started to talk back then, but I’m glad we did. we became best friends in seconds, we love the same bands and we love to make fun of them so bad, oh god we have the sassiest fucking jokes ever (and our story, I almost forgot about that). I do miss our chats, but it’s awesome how our relationship can stay the same even if we’re not able to talk on a daily basis. I truly believe I’ve found one of the kindest person to me in my whole life, yeah it’s you. what else can I say? I love you :*

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Avenged Sevenfold - Live in Long Beach Arena (2008)

Horsemen tattoo requested by Anonymous.
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